Review: Those Faraday Girls by Monica McInerney

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As a child, Maggie Faraday grew up in a lively, unconventional household in Tasmania, with her young mother, four very different aunts and eccentric grandfather. With her mother often away, all four aunts took turns looking after her – until, just weeks before Maggie’s sixth birthday, a shocking event changed everything.

Twenty years on, Maggie is living alone in New York City when a surprise visit from her grandfather brings a revelation and a proposition to reunite the family. As the Faraday’s gather in Ireland, Maggie begins to realise that the women she thought she knew so intimately all have something to hide…

Those Faraday Girls is a rich and complex story full of warmth, humour and unforgettable women. Spanning several countries and thirty years, it is a deeply moving novel about family secrets and lies – and how the memories that bind us can also keep us apart.

This was a very well written book about the trial’s and tribulations of being apart of a large and complicated family, that seemed close on the surface but really tended to struggle with all the different personalities and priorities.

The books main focus was on the mother, who had unexpectedly passed away, and how her family were determined to uphold her wishes and desires for the family, no matter what toll this took on the family as a collective unit.

I really enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to any woman wanting to read a rich family saga/drama.


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