Review: Ruby Roars by Margaret Wild and Kerry Argent

Ruby Roars by Margaret Wild & Kerry Argent

RRP $15.99 published by Allen and Unwin 1st September, 2009.

With thanks to A&U for providing this copy to review.


When she was a baby, Ruby liked making popping noises with her dummy. ‘Pop! Pop! Pop!’

When she was older, she tried making scary noises instead. ‘SCRRR! ‘SCREEKLE!’ ‘SCRUNCH!’

But she couldn’t frighten anyone, not a frog, not a fish.

‘Shivers!’ thought Ruby. What was the scariest noise she could make? And she opened her mouth wide to find out…


This is a great interactive book, what better way is there to get young children excited and interested in reading than to have them yell and make noise while a story is being read to them! My Mr 4 loved this book! He was so excited by it that he didn’t stop talking about it for ages! It was probably a bit too exciting for my Miss 4 (especially if Dad was reading it – but she does have sensitivity/noise issues), she did like the story behind it and enjoyed the silliness of it. And Miss 2 loved it as well, she loved running around the room pretending to be Ruby making all the silly noises (so it’s probably not such a good bedtime read for some kid’s), but would be a great story to read to them during the day.

The illustrations are bright and bold and would really capture and entrance any young child from a baby through to a young child learning to read.  

Highly recommended children’s book.  4/5.


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