Review: Charlotte and the Wolves by Anu Stohner & Henrike Wilson

Charlotte and the Wolves by Anu Stohner and Henrike Wilson

Charlotte is a sheep. But she is a brave and daring sheep. When danger lurks in the forest nearb, Charlotte doesn’t listen to the rest of the flock. She does the unthinkable- she Goes to Have a Look.

This is a wonderfully warm yarn about courage, with one very special little sheep at its heart .

This is a great story for children to read (or have read to them), as it delivers a strong message to have confidence in yourself no matter how little or young you are. It is a story about Charlotte – the smallest sheep in her family – and the rest of her family. Within her family are a group of sheep called The Wolves, who try to dominate and bully everyone. Charlotte does not give into them and tries her best to teach them a lesson and bring them down to a more friendly level. And she is able to do this regardless of her stature, and she manages to impress the older sheep in the flock.

A great story suitable for any children aged 5+ as it is quite long and detailed, although the pictures would certainly capture the imagination of a younger child.

My book rating: 3.5/5 Well worth reading.


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