Review: Old Pig by Margaret Wild

Old Pig by Margaret Wild

Pictures by Ron Brooks

A tender story about living, loving and letting go, from two of Australia’s best picture-book makers.

A classic story for young and old, a glorious celebration of the world.

Wow!! This book is amazing. It is a very simple story of life and death. It is the story of two pigs who have lived together for a long time, Granddaughter and Old Pig. It only spans a day or two, but is the most gentle way to introduce the idea of dying to a young person. I think any child under 4-5 would still struggle with the concept of death and it’s finality, but this story is so gentle and moving that it would be wonderful introduction to the topic for any young child.

Even though this is a simple picture book it would be my recommendation that any older children of around 6-8 would still definitely benefit from it’s simple, loving and beautiful portrayal of somebody passing, that I would highly recommend it for any family, whether or not there is any chance of needing it or not.

If any adult doesn’t walk away with a tear in their eye then I would be very surprised!

My book rating: 5/5 Highly Recommended.


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