Review: The Littlest Dinosaur’s BIG Adventure by Michael Foreman


The Littlest Dinosaurs Big Adventure by Michael Foreman

When the littlest dinosaur goes on a walk, he does not expect to find himself in the middle of a big, dark forest, and soon he is very frightened. But when he finds another little dinosaurcrying and afraid, he knows he has to be brave and get them both to safety. Can the littlest dinosaur save the day?

A charming story about a small outing that turns into a very big adventure by Michael Foreman, twice winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal.

The summary on the back of the book pretty much sums up the storyline. This is the story of a little dinosaur who meets frogs and butterflies but then soon finds himself lost in a big dark forest, where he soon meets somebody else. And then they both make their way back to their homes.

Both myself and my children loved this book, it has wonderful bright pictures with a lovely, quick and flowing storyline. The main message would be that you can be brave and strong regardless of your size. It would be a very appropriate book for any children from babies through to 6-7.

Recommnended Retail: $27.99 Hardcover Edition

Recommended Age: Babies onwards

My book rating: 4.5/5 Highly Recommended.


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