Review: At the Beach : Postcards from Crabby Spit by Roland Harvey

At the Beach : Postcards from Crabby Spit

By Roland Harvey 

Hi everyone! Crabby Spit is cool! I’ve been crabspotting, riding my bike, surfing and swimming, and looking at stars. With a bit of luck, I’ll be having fish and chips for dinner. The only problem is my things keep disappearing! Can you help me find them? 

This book is a great interactive book, and is perfect to get a young child talking about the pictures and expanding on their own sentences. Each page forms part of the Crabby Spit map with action occurring on each page. My only issue would be that the pictures are a little bit too small and detailed for younger kid’s.  Once you start the interaction though you will be stuck through all 32 pages talking about everything that is happening! 

My kid’s really enjoyed this book, as it got them involved in what was happening and made them feel part of the story, maybe not suitable for a bedtime read though, due to the detail it calls on. 

Best suited to ages 5+

Recommended Retail $14.95

Published by Allen and Unwin

My Rating: 4/5 Well worth the read.


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