Review: The Brotherhoods – The Full Throttle Edition by Arthur Veno

The Brotherhoods : The Full Throttle Edition

Inside the Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs

by Arthur Veno 

Bikies and bikie culture have fascinated Australia for many decades. In recent times they have made newspaper headlines for all the wrong reasons. But do we really know what goes on inside their clubs? Who these larger than life characters living their lives by a different code are? Do we know what goes on in the club houses and out on the open road?
Welcome to the illustrated edition of the bestselling, definitive account of bikie culture in Australia. Art Veno, Australia’s leading bikie expert, went far inside the bikie world to deliver this unprecedented portrait of the brotherhoods. He’s grappled with their rules, been to their meetings, talked to their members and tried to understand their way of life. And by doing so he has created the only book you’ll ever need to understand the bikie world.
Now, for the first time, he has uncovered never-before-seen images of the notorious characters, their bikes and clubs, the landmark incidents, the newspaper headlines and much more to create this new, illustrated edition.
With over 100 images from the Seventies through to today, The Brotherhoods: The Full Throttle Edition is the ultimate companion for any bikie fan.

This is a stunningly presented book, I was extremely impressed with it when I first received it, just on it’s presentation alone. It is a glossy edition, jam-packed with full colour illustrations throughout, as well as explanatory notes. It is a book that doesn’t over sensualise the bikie culture, but tells it how it is, it is an entertaining, as much as an informative read. It is a book that would open up your eyes to the ‘hidden’ culture that stems from gangs like the Hells’ Angels and Bandido’s. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who has even the smallest interest in the bikie culture, both men and women. 

Best suited to ages 18+

Recommended Retail $39.95 (Full throttle – illustrated edition)

Published by Allen and Unwin

My Rating: 5/5 Highly recommended, well worth purchasing.


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