Review: Bear Flies High by Michael Rosen

Bear Flies High

by Michael Rosen

Illustrated by Adrian Reynolds

Bear is playing on the beach and, seeing some seagulls high in the sky, decides he wants to learn how to fly. Luckily there are four children who know exactly how to make his dreams come true!

An exhilarating story about friends helping each other to realise their dreams – and having great fun doing it.

From the acclaimed author of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and The Bear in the Cave.

This is a lovely presented book with bright, vibrant illustrations that are sure to capture the imagination of any young child. The story is quick, flowing and rhyming. Both myself and my children enjoyed this book but it just doesn’t have the magic that We’re Going on a Bear Hunt has, and I was disappointed in that regard.

An example of the writing is: I’m a bear on a beach. On a beach. On a beach. And I sing by the sea all day. Doo be doo. Doo be doo. Doo bee doodily doo. I watch the birds in the sky. In the sky. In the sky?…

The narrative is great in the repetitive, rhyming sequences that it presents, and would be a great way for a child learning to read to recognise words and the phonics related to the words, but I (as the parent) found myself bored after the second read.

Recommended Retail Price $15.99 Paperback Version

Recommended Age: Babies onward

My Rating: 3/5 A lovely book, worth buying if you are looking for something new.


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