Review: Good Morning Sam by Marie-Louise Gay

Good Morning Sam

by Marie-Louise Gay

Marie-Louise Gay’s beautiful picture books explore endearing moments in the lives of young children. Irresistible Sam and his sister Stella are loved wherever they go.

A perfect picture book for pre-schoolers, about independence, collaboration, and a playful relationship between brother and sister (and their little dog). Sam can get dressed all by himself in the morning – well, almost by himself, after a few mishaps and tricks, and with a little help from his older sister.

I loved this book! It has great accompanying pictures which expand on the simple text. Also it is great as a basic book for the kid’s to expand on the story and say what they can see happening in the pictures in relation to the story. Which is perfect for us as we have speech delay’s, and as the pictures are quite simple there is not a lot that can distract them from the overall story. My Miss 4 was able to read this to me the first time we read it, and for my Mr 4 it is a perfect accompaniment to him being encouraged to dress himself.

It is a superb book that is written with children as its target audience, rather than the adults. So has been able to retain its charm as a basic children’s first story book.

Recommended Retail Price $12.95 Paperback Version

Recommended Age: Babies onward

My Rating: 5/5 Wonderful.


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