Review: Lucy Springer Gets Even by Lisa Heidke

Lucy Springer Gets Even

by Lisa Heidke

Lucy Springer thinks she’s got it tough. She’s living through renovation hell, her two kids seem more challenging than ever, and her once successful acting career has been reduced to the odd commercial.

Then Max, her husband, absconds to Bali with an unknown companion and things go from bad to disastrous.

But Lucy doesn’t give up easily. Juggling increasingly chaotic building dramas, bewildered children, her crazy best friend-slash-agent Gloria, her ever ‘helpful’ mother and chasing after Max, Lucy Springer is determined to get her life onto an even keel – and more.

The book begins just as Max is leaving and you can feel Lucy’s shock and pain at being left – without being told that she has been left – right in the middle of a massive renovation. Throughout the book the author was able to portray Lucy’s shock and indignation at being left the way that she was and managed to get across just how much work and pressure a renovation would involve (I certainly don’t want to experience one!).

The most lively character in the book was definitely Gloria, who wouldn’t take ’No’ for an answer and would resort to making arrangements behind Lucy’s back – which usually did up benefitting Lucy, much to Lucy’s reluctance to accept that they did.

Lucy struggles on with her life, trying to win Max back, finish the reno and keep her suitors at bay, and by the end of the book it all seems to be going Lucy’s way.

This novel is a lovely funny read, most definitely a chick lit book and not to be read by the menfolk.

Recommended Retail Price $23.95 Paperback Version

Recommended Age: 18+ women

My Rating: 3.5/5 A lovely light read.


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