Review: Homework for Grown-Ups by E. Foley and B Coates


Homework for Grown-Ups : Everything you learnt at school…and promptly forgot

by E. Foley and B. Coates

Any idea why the sky is blue? Baffled by bird’s foot deltas? Confused about chromosomes? Don’t know your isosceles from your equilateral? Forgotten who wrote Waltzing Matilda? Perpleaxed by past participles?

Bewildered already? Fret no longer. Swot up with Homework for Grown-ups.

This book is awesome, it has ten chapters, with each chapter covering a school subject; English, Maths, Home Ecomnomics, History, Science, Religious Education, Geography, Classics, Physical Education and Art. At the end of each chapter is a test paper, with answers at the end of the book.

In the short space it has for each subject, it manages to jampack it full of information; from the difference bewteen nouns and verbs, Poems to remember, square roots, long division, how to boil an egg, making a bed, dinosaurs, Henry the VIII, components of an atom, The Periodic Table, warning symbols, anatamy of a flower, The Facts of Life, how to make a paper plane, different relgions, classic empires, ancient greek philosophy, The Roman God’s, how to play cricket, rugby, netball etc, and key artistic movements.

Even though the book is set up to read a chapter at a time and then take the test, it doesn’t have to be like that. I’ve treated and read it as a coffee table book, that I can pick up when I have a few minutes and read a snippet at a time, just to refresh the knowledge that I used to have in school. 

This is a great book to have around just to increase your knowledge base, obviously it’s much smaller and more simplified than an encyclopedia, but that’s part of it’s beauty. It’s easy to read and isn’t daunting.

 Published by Random House

RRP: $29.95

Pages: 418

Ages: 15+

Rating: 4.5/5


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