Review : Beneath the Shadows by Sara Foster

Beneath the Shadows

by Sara Foster

When Grace’s husband, Adam, inherits a cottage on the isolated North Yorkshire moors, they leave London behind to try a new life. However, a week later, Adam vanishes, leaving their baby daughter on the doorstep.

The following year, Grace returns to the tiny village of Roseby. She is desperate for answers, but is seems the slumbering village is unwilling to give up its secrets. As Grace learns more about the locals and the area’s superstitions and folklore, strange dreams begin to trouble her. Are the villagers hiding something, or is she becoming increasingly paranoid? Only as snowfall threatens to cut them off from the rest of the world does Grace begin to understand just how close the threat lies, and that she and her daughter may be in terrible danger if she cannot get them away in time.

This is the second Sara Foster book that I have read (it is also her second release – so I now have a bit of a wait to get my Sara Foster fix again), and once again I was mesmerised by Sara’s writing, and completely pulled in by the story.

This story is focused around Grace, a young, recently married woman who moves to the North Yorkshire moors with her husband Adam. Within only a week of moving and barely settled in to their new life, Adam disappears and leaves behind a path of misery, confusion and secrets.

We come into the story a year after Adam’s disappearance, as Grace returns to the little village to settle her affairs, try and get her life back on track, and come to terms with the fact that Adam may never be coming back into her life.

The weather matches her mood; dark, stormy, and heavy of heart, and everywhere she looks and turns she seems to find ghosts, spirits and secrets. This affects her a lot and she begins to question whether it was actually a good idea to come back to the little cottage with it’s history and secrets. While going through the many boxes which had been stored at the cottage she uncovers things from Adam’s past that she had no idea about, which makes her questions their relationship.

Throughout the story, Grace is strongly bound to her baby daughter Millie, who Adam left on the doorstep before his disappearance, it is her that seems to keep Grace focused on discovering Adam’s and even the town’s secrets. She tries to remains strong and focused even though she is terrified of being at the haunted cottage on her own, it doesn’t help that her neighbours continually bring up old ghost stories and folklore. Or that Adam’s grandmother (who previously owned and lived in the cottage) wrote a book about the local ghosts, and village legends, and that this books keeps turning up in odd spots and out of the blue.

She finds tremendous support and friendship with Ben, a tall, mysterious and incredibly handsome next door neighbour, who also has his own secrets. Even though he barely manages a conversation with her, she places her trust in him and eventually, with his help they are able to chase down the mysteries that the town does not want to give up.

This is a book that is once again full of secrets and mysteries, it keeps you guessing all the way through, wondering what happened, what will happen, and why is the village being so mysterious.

You can find a review of Sara Foster’s first book Come Back to Me, here.

I should add that as Sara Foster now lives in Perth, WA, I have claimed her as an Australian author.

Published by Random House Australia

Recommended Retail Price $32.95

Recommended Age: 18+

My Rating: 4.5/5

4 Responses to Review : Beneath the Shadows by Sara Foster

  1. Marg says:

    I thought the book sounded fab when Sara talked about it last week. Obviously it lived up to those expectations for you!

    • I adored her books! She is an exceptional writer, and I don’t think that I’m biased because I met her….I’m sad that I have to wait an age to get another one from her though! She needs to drop everything else so more of her books can get published, (hear that gorgeous Hannah – leave your Mum alone so she can write!)

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