Review: Hopscotch and Honey Joys by Lisa McCune

Hopscotch and Honey Joys

Food for your Family and Friends

by Lisa McCune and Di Thomas

Lisa McCune and Di Thomas are friends who share a passion for family, friendship and good food. Between them they have six young children, so who better to share their favourite family meals with you.

Like mums everywhere, Lisa and Di are always looking for fun, fuss-free ways to make sure their children eat the healthiest food possible. Through years of preparing family meals, Lisa and Di have mastered the art of healthy lunch boxes, quick dinners, tasty tea-time treats, yummy picnics and delicious desserts. In Hopscotch and Honey Joys, they open their kitchens to share their most trusted family recipes with you.

Whether you want fresh ideas for meal time, snack time or play time, there’s something for everyone. Lisa and Di have the perfect recipes to make food fun for all the family.

I love this book, it is part cook book, part kid’s activity book. The set up is really eye catching and visually pleasing, packed full of bright photo’s, kid’s drawings, hints and tips, practical advice and of course recipes. It covers all of the family staples; pasta, Anzac biscuits, slices, homemade lemonade, what to do with left over fruit, roast, the best kitchen utensils to have, etc.

It is a book that encourages the kid’s to get involved with the cooking and planning process, and as such I would highly recommend it to any family with young children (any age from babies right through to young teens/tweenies), as it will really draw in their imagination and want them to give cooking a chance.

This is a book that will give any woman wonderful warm fuzzy’s, it is bright, colourful and cheerful, with stacks of ideas on how to stay motivated and have fun with the family. It has little snippets from one of the authors at the start of each section, as well as at the top of each recipe page, giving a brief history of the recipe or why the recipe may be a hit with the family. It has seven sections which seem to flow with family life; Introduction, Snack, Venture, Feast, Celebrate, Play, Indulge. They have included a section at the end where you can add your own notes, scribbles or recipes. This book will certainly become a staple in my family’s life.

My only concerns or issues with the book are that not all of the recipes have an accompanying photo, both myself and my children are very visual people and I find that I ‘shop’ with my eyes first before reading the text. On most of the pages there has been plenty of room left where even a small photo, could have been added. And I found that trying to follow some of the recipes was a bit hard, as the text is on the smaller side.

But apart from those nit-picking issues I love this book, is it incredibly appealing and I would highly recommend it for any mums or nana’s out there. And it has been released (coincidently) with Mothers Day right around the corner! Do yourself a favour and go search out a copy, either for yourself or the ‘Mum’ in your life.

Published by Allen and Unwin

Recommended Retail Price $39.99

Pages: 225 + notes section

Recommended Age: 6+

My Rating: 4.5/5


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