Review: Monkey Red, Monkey Blue by Nicki Greenberg

Monkey Red, Monkey Blue

by Nicki Greenberg

Everyone has gone to bed…but not Monkey Blue and Monkey Red. They decide to have a Wild Midnight feast instead! How much mess can two monkey’s make and will Chameleon show his true colours?

For me this is another great kid’s book. It’s bright, colourful and the short rhyming words work a treat on the younger audience. The Monkey’s (and can you spot the Chameleon) get up to a lot of mischief, that most kid’s would know that they shouldn’t do, which is part of the appeal to them.

It is a fast, fairly short book that would be great for babies through to about 3-4 years of age. It is very basic in its story structure, so would be good for those just learning to read, and the bright colours will certainly grab the attention of the younger age group..

Favourite Quote: Milky, milky moustache. Drip, drip, drop!

Published by Allen and Unwin

Recommended Retail Price $19.95

Recommended Age: babies – approx 4

My Rating: 4.5/5


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