Baking: Brownie Pops

My Inspiration:

I was looking through Facebook one day with my 2 girls sitting on my lap when we saw these pictures that were posted on the Hardie Grant Books Facebook page, my girls eyes lit up and they started drowling, slobbering all over me while saying ‘We really want those! Can we make some Mum, can we, please, please, please…’

I goggled the recipe and find a wonderful site called Get Off Your Butt and Bake, which had step by step instruction (mostly in photo form, thank goodness!), it sounded easy, so I promised that we would make them on Monday afternoon (today) to take to Playgroup tomorrow for our Teddy Bear Picnic/Easter break up for Term 1.  So that leads me to this photo.

The recipe is incredibly easy, a brownie packet mix, cut into small squares once cooked, then rolled into a ball, placed on stick, dipped in melted chocolate and then rolled in sprinkles. YUM!

They did actually work, much to my surprise, but they are very rustic, and next time will have to remember to cook the brownie mix just a little bit shorter so that they are a bit stickier, as I found that they seemed to fall of the stick a bit too easily. (Good for us, as that meant that we had more that we could taste test!)

But for the ease of making them, they are incredibly cute, and I’m hoping that my critics (the playgroup kid’s) will be kind to me and tell me that they do love them!

I will have to jazz them up a bit and take a photo of them in a nice mug, so they look prettier, but I’m quite chuffed with them, even if I do say so myself.


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