Review: Mini Racer by Kristy Dempsey

Mini Racer

by Kristy Dempsey

Illustrated by Bridget Srevens-Marzo

Ready, Steady. Green light, go!

Twelve animals zoom around an action packed obstacle course in their mini vehicles. Follow each racer’s setbacks and triumphs as Giraffe becomes stuck outside a tunnel and Seal enjoys a bath during the pit stop…who will win the race?

This rhyming text is perfect for reading out loud and the humorous art will appeal to all mini readers.

This book is a great book if you are looking for more books to add to the book collection for a little boy, it is short, simple and colourful, and of course all the cars and action will appeal to any young car mad boy.

There is a lot happening on each page that expands on the text, which is a great way to encourage a reluctant talker to expand on their words and communication skills (especially boys, as generally they can be slower to talk than girls).

This would be perfect for the younger child as the story is quite a simple, rhyming verse, but probably isn’t detailed enough for a child able to read. (My eldest are 5, and can read so found this a little on the simpler side)

Published by Bloomsbury

Recommended Retail Price $14.99

Recommended Age: 1-4

My Rating: 3.5/5


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