Review: Monkey and Robot Book 1 Doctor Monkey by Felix Hayes

Monkey and Robot Book 1

Doctor Monkey

by Felix Hayes

Illustrated by Hannah Broadway

Monkey and Robot are very good friends. So when Robot doesn’t feel very well, Monkey wants to help Robot get better as quick as possible. But does Doctor Monkey really know best?

A very funny book featuring the everyday adventures of Monkey and Robot.

Includes great press-out figures.

This book is actually quite deceptive in its appeal and cleverness. It does leave quite a lot of the story up to the imagination of the children reading it. It comes with paper cut outs of Monkey and Robot and a few bits and pieces from the story. These encourage the children to either develop the story along with the book, or use them in everyday play for pretend play to expand and develop their own story.

For an adult it would seem very basic and simple, but its appeal for the young kids is amazing, their imagination will take over, they will want to play doctors and nurses, they will want to expand on the story. If there are siblings they will fight over who will get to be Monkey and who will get to be Robot.

I really enjoyed this book, but it did take about 2 goes of reading it to fully appreciate it, and really get the gist of the message behind and included in it. I am looking forward to others in the series.

You can follow Monkey and Robot here on their blog.

Published by Bloomsbury

Recommended Retail Price $12.99

Recommended Age: 2-5

My Rating: 4/5


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