Review: That’s Not a Daffodil! by Elizabeth Honey

That’s Not a Daffodil!

by Elizabeth Honey

When Tom’s neighbour gives him a brown bulb, he can’t believe it will flower. ‘That’s not a daffodil!’ says Tom. ‘Well,’ says the old gardener. ‘Let’s plant it and see.’

Elizabeth Honey has created a playful story that little children will enjoy again and again – about an inventive boy, a kindly gardener, a growing friendship and the promise of a bulb.

This picture book is a lovely tale of patience, imagination and friendship. Tom’s generous next door neighbour, Mr Yilmaz is always bringing the family something; lemons, apples etc, at the start of the story Mr Yilmaz brings Tom daffodil bulb, Tom is reluctant to believe that it will flower, suggesting that the bulb is an onion. But Mr Yilmaz convinces Tom to try and grow it, so they plant the bulb and on each of Mr Yilmaz’s visits the bulb gets a little bigger, but still Tom is not convinced that it is a daffodil, instead his fantastic imagination sees so many other wonderful things at each growth stage.

Children of all ages will adore this book, and their imagination will flourish with the guidance of the illustrations. This is a lovely book, that will quickly become a child’s favourite.

Favourite Quote: Tom watched the pot but nothing happened…nothing…nothing…nothing

Published by Allen and Unwin

Recommended Retail Price $24.99

Recommended Age: 3-6

My Rating: 4.5/5


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