Review: When My Husband Does the Dishes… by Kerri Sackville

When My Husband Does the Dishes…

A Memoir of marriage and motherhood

by Kerri Sackville

‘When My Husband Does the Dishes… is about what marriage looks like after three children and 150 years of togetherness. It’s about little white lies and boxer shorts on t he floor and eating frankfurts for dinner every night. It’s my life. And I suspect it could be yours too.’

Kerri Sackville has written this book for people like her, people who can relate to her, or people who find her amusing – which in a tragic sort of way, she is.

When My Husband Does the Dishes…is part memoir, part faux guide to marriage and motherhood and a must read for all women. It is accurate, clever and very, very funny.

This is very much a laugh out loud (or at least chortle very softly – so as not to call attention to yourself), roll your eyes, and look around to see who is watching you while you are reading it type of book. Kerri has opened the doors on the secrets of living in a family, and staying married to the same person for a longtime.

Can I just say from the start, throw your baby, marriage and relationship books away and read Kerri’s memoirs. You will get so much more out of it, as she describes the joys of motherhood and marriage as they are: tiresome, thankless, messy, busy, nonstop, expensive, tiring, joyful, tedious, loving, tiring – I think you get the picture. Everyone has the perfect dream of how they will still be the same person after marriage and kid’s, but reading Kerri’s book will make you realise – in a light and funny way – that it will just not happen. You will change and more than likely your kid’s and family will become your whole life and universe. To the point that a night out will finish at 9.30pm as you are just too tired to persist any longer. And that it is actually quite reasonable to go 3 days without a shower…

The book is split into 3 parts: Him, Them and Me, and is an amusing read the whole way through, broken down with real-life drama’s, anecdotes, lists, dream scenarios, Simon Baker, and of course the love of her family.

Even though the book is aimed for mothers (with husbands), the husband should be encouraged to slyly read the book as well, just so they understand our life that little bit more, and so they know the true meaning of what the question ‘What did you do all day?’ means (page 27), and why they should never ask it!

You can find Kerri on her blog here, follow her on twitter here, and like her facebook page here.

Favourite Quote: hmmmmm, this is a tough one, as the majority of the book rings true to me (as a parent of 3 kid’s and wife of 1 husband), but I have narrowed it down to: ‘This is the problem with mess. All mess. No matter how quickly I run to stamp it out, there is someone, somewhere, in another part of my home who is working even harder to make some more. It doesn’t end. It will never end. I will go on cleaning, for the rest of my life, until I die with a sponge in my hand.’ Pg 195

Published by Random House Books

Recommended Retail Price $32.95

Recommended Age: 18+  (women)

My Rating: 4.5/5


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