Review: Robot and Monkey Book 2 Cardboard Robot by Felix Hayes

Monkey and Robot Book 2

Cardboard Robot

by Felix Hayes

Illustrated by Hannah Broadway

Monkey and Robot are very good friends. But Monkey is in a bad mood and does not want to play with Robot. So Robot tries to play on his own. But it isn’t much fun without Monkey! Can Robot persuade Monkey to play with him after all?    

‘Monkey and Robot are the best of friends. They live in a house together and are always looking for fun things to do. Sometimes though, best friends can fall out and Monkey and Robot are no different. But they always seem to work things out between them and are soon best of friends once more.’ *Bloomsbury Press release

Once again I love this book! The story is simple, but the message is strong. Monkey is in a bad mood and doesn’t want to play with Robot, so Robot leaves him alone and plays by himself with a cool cardboard Robot that he makes by himself. Although it’s not as much fun playing with Carboard Robot by himself, he leaves Monkey alone. Monkey’sinterest in Robot’s game overpowers his bad mood and he soon joins in and they have more fun playing together.

Once again, a great book to read as a base and then to expand on depending on the children’s comprehension. It is possible to explore in depth the emotions and feelings that a bad mood can bring out, how much fun it is to play with others rather than by ourselves, and also encourage lots of imaginative and pretend play that is important for childhood development.

Includes press out pieces at the back of the book.

Published by Bloomsbury Books, follow Bloomsbury’s Sydney office here on Twitter.

Follow Monkey and Robot’s blog here.

Recommended Retail Price $12.99 (paperback)

Recommended Age: 0-5

My Rating: 4.5/5


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