Review: Banana Skin Chaos! by Lilli L’Arronge

Banana Skin Chaos!

Lilli L’Arronge

When a little boy throws his banana skin on the pavement, his sister warns him that it could cause an accident. Things could go wrong…and they do, with delightful and hilarious consequences.

This madcap picture book contains a feast of things to look at and discover in the brilliantly action-packed illustrations.  

This is a fantastic picture book for early readers, or older children struggling with reading, as there are not many words, the entire book is built around the illustrations. It is also fantastic as a book to encourage children with speech delays, the antics in the illustrations will appeal to all young children’s sense of humour, drawing them in.

The illustrations start of basic (with the banana skin on the ground) and slowly build up and expand on each page, encouraging kids to focus on processing and sequencing as well as having them understand consequences of one simple action.

I would highly recommend this book to parents of children with learning delays, whether these delays are for reading, speech or across the board delays.  

Published by Bloomsbury

Recommended Retail Price $14.99

Recommended Age: 3-6

My Rating: 4.5/5


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