Review: Serendipity by Melanie La’Brooy


by Melanie La’Brooy

Hero Hathaway likes her life ordered, neat. Perfect. So how does she end up in a Manhattan bar, downing cocktails and masquerading as fearless trapeze artist Lola? Not to mention flirting with the charmingly unpredictable bartender Oscar Martin. Sparks fly, but when Hero panics and runs away, it’s the end of the affair – until she bumps into Oscar in Sydney, two years later.

Oscar is determined to win Hero back.  She is equally determined not to be won: she knows, beyond doubt, that they’re hopelessly mismatched. Fate, however, has other ideas.

A warm, wise, wicked and laugh-out-loud funny story of one woman’s brave quest to avoid true love – and one man’s unshakeable belief that true love, and the right gorilla-gram, really can conquer all.

Another triumph by Melanie La’Brooy, she manages to create complicated, funny characters, showing all the silly human idiosyncrasies and insecurities that we possess. As well as the constant undermining and questioning of our own decisions, that we all do.

She sets us out on a marvellous tale, we follow Hero through most of her relationship with the boring, predictable Pelham (who she doesn’t really focus on, so is shown as a dry lifeless character), to her catch up with the irresistible and charming Oscar. Who really should be charged with harassment, so focused is he on winning over the love of his life, Hero.

The story is delightfully told, with the humour and wit that Melanie La’Brooy is famous for. Will all of the other characters find their true love before Hero?

Favourite Quote: Heat burned through Hero’s cheeks and for one wild moment she considered telling him about the agonising moment of indecision and self-doubt. She wanted so badly to be Lola, to step forward and take Oscar’s hand. But she hadn’t. She had turned away. Page 155.

Published by Penguin Books

Recommended Retail Price $24.95

Recommended Age: 18+ (Women)

My Rating: 4.5/5


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