Review: The Tiger-Skin Rug by Gerald Rose

The Tiger-Skin Rug

by Gerald Rose

When tiger decides he has had enough of his hard life in the jungle, he swaps places with a tiger-skin rug in the Rajah’s palace. He begins a life of luxury, eating the leftovers, joining in all the parties and sometimes even playing with the children.

But how long can a tiger go undiscovered in a palace?

A charming and beguiling adventure story about an intrepid tiger who enjoys his own cup of tea.

First published in 1979, The Tiger-Skin Rug is a charming adventure story with brilliantly bright illustrations. Readers of all ages will fall in love with the very clever tiger and his new found life.  

I quite enjoyed this book, it is an adventure/fantasy story that will capture children’s imagination. It centres around an old tired and hungry Tiger who swaps his life with a tiger rug in a Rajah’s palace. While there he eats the dinner scraps, enjoys cups of tea, and plays games (with the help of his unsuspecting family).  He starts to think that his devious game will be found out due to the extra weight he ends up putting on, so becomes worried about his future.

But he ends up saving the Rajah’s family and palace from some wicked people and becomes one of the family members, where he lives out his life with love and in luxury.

The background story behind this picture book is amazing, I couldn’t find it online to link to, so have copied it here for you to read, from the Bloomsbury press release, I think that the history of the author is as important as the story itself.   

Published by Bloomsbury

Recommended Retail Price $14.99

Recommended Age: 3-6 (but I would say more 5-7)

My Rating: 4/5


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