Competition: Win Signed Books by Kylie Ladd

It is give away time here at The Hungry Bookshelf. I have 3 books by Kylie Ladd to giveaway, all New and all signed. The titles include Naked – Confessions of Adultery and Infedility, After the Fall and her new release, Last Summer.

These books all have a theme of secrecy, fantasies and secret obsessions (among other things), so for a bit of light relief and humour, to enter for a change to win, all you need to do is tell us what you think Kylie Ladd’s secret obsession/fantasy is (keep it clean though please as I review a lot of children’s books on here) innuendo is fine…Entry is here on the blog, but entries will be shared on both Facebook and Twitter.

Kylie will be the judge and decide which entry she loves the most, makes her laugh the most, or is the most accurate! Her decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into ;).

Entry is open to everyone, so long as you are aged over 18, free postage is to Australia only, people residing outside of Australia will need to pay the postage costs.

Entries close 9pm (Melbourne time) on Sunday the 7th August, 2011.

More than one entry per person is fine.

The winner will be announced both on here, Twitter and Facebook, please make sure you use a valid email address and your actual name, Twitter name or blog name. If an anonymous name is used and we cannot make contact Kylie will have to reread the entries and make another choice a week later (so please don’t do that to her!), any entry deemed inappropriate will be removed, and all entries will need to be approved by the administer (me) before being published, so if it doesn’t come up straight away please don’t panic as I have small children that I am constantly chasing up after.

Have fun, use your imagination and make us all laugh.

ps. If you haven’t yet read any of Kylie’s books, you are truly missing out on an exceptionally talented author and I hereby order you to enter this competition so you get the chance to win her 2 amazing novels and 1 non-fiction book that she has edited. And did I mention that they are also signed.

The books are published by Allen and Unwin.

And you can follow Kylie on twitter here and find her website here.


11 Responses to Competition: Win Signed Books by Kylie Ladd

  1. underhero says:

    Having an amazing husband (though I’m sure she already does!) who stands by her and supports her through the good & the bad.

  2. DrD says:

    To close the bathroom door, step into a hot bath, sip a cold gin & tonic, and read the latest neuropsychiatry journal. When else do you have time?

  3. Sal says:

    Her secret might have something to do with nightundies…..not sure what.

  4. Quentaris says:

    well, one of two options comes to mind immediately –

    going to the toilet and finding the seat down AND clean….

    or waking up beside Hugh Jackman

    oops….you mean Kylie’s fantasy??

  5. Jackie says:

    Kylie’s fantasy was to find herself NAKED during the LAST SUMMER on earth, dancing and drinking erratically AFTER THE FALL of the entire male species ….. to which she just laughed and laughed and laughed…….

  6. Kylie
    Legend –

  7. Shazzee Dee says:

    To be back in Broome on a balmy evening, riding bareback on a big old goorlil…

  8. Kelly Exeter says:

    I think Kylie’s secret fantasy is for each day to have 36 hours in it so she has enough time for work, family, friends … and WRITING!!
    Oh wait .. that’s my fantasy …
    Kylie please choose the winner by random draw – I am still WAY too sleep deprived to be clever or witty 😦

  9. Aik says:

    I think Kylie Ladd’s secret obsession is to crave chocolate fudge!

  10. Kylie L says:

    Am just here to confirm that there were some entries I realy loved- but I tossed a coin between the last two and the winner was Jackie! (Carla you get a honourable mention and hopefully a warm glow of satisfaction, but sadly not much else)

    Thanks so much Helen for hosting the comp, and to everyone who entered- I loved reading them 🙂

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