Review: Brother and Sister by Joanna Trollope

Brother and Sister

by Joanna Trollope

Nathalie and David have been good and dutiful children to their parents. Now that they are both settled, with partners and children of their own, they are still close. Good friends. Brother and sister.

Except they aren’t – brother and sister, that is. each of them had been adopted when their loving parents, Lynne and Ralph, found that they couldn’t have children of their own. And Nathalie and David have always sworn to each other, and to their families, that it didn’t matter. But it did matter, of course, and when Nathalie discovers a deep need to trace her birth parents, she insists that David makes the same journey. She also discovers that sometimes the answers – to who we are and where we come from – are harder than the questions…

Another well written book by Joanna Trollope, she is able to accurately explore the depth and confusion that being part of family can bring. She manages to portray how confusing it is to figure out who you are, especially when you don’t know where you have come from, and why you were given up in the first place.

She is able to express the feelings of guilt and betrayal that all of the characters feel, regardless of the position and situation they are in.

Favourite Quote: He said, ‘Maybe, if your mother can’t love you, you’re never very certain of you own loveableness. Maybe you don’t quite know how to do love, even if you’d like to.’ page 331.

Recommended Retail Price $24.95

Published by Black Swan

Recommended Age: 18+

My Rating: 4/5


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