Review: Princesses Are NOT Perfect by Kate Lum

Princesses Are NOT Perfect

by Kate Lum

Illustrated by Sue Hellard

Once there were three princesses…each with a flair for her own special hobby. 

Princess Allie loved to bake, Princess Mellie loved to garden and Princess Libby loved to build things.

But one day, Princcess Mellie decides that she wants a change. Princesses are good at everything, so they swap jobs with each other. Can the princesses impress housekeeper Mrs Blue when they try out new things – and prepare the palace in time for the Summer Party?

An entertaining tale about using your talents wisely, this is the delightful companion to Princesses Are NOT Quitters!

This is a great picture book for older girls, it is more detailed so would not be as suitable for younger babies. The message it conveys is a good one as it encourages children to realise that they will not be perfect at everything and that it is perfectly OK not to be. And what better way to get it across to girls today, by having Princesses be the ones who are not perfect.

Published by: Bloomsbury Books

Recommended Retail Price $15.99

Recommended Age: 3-8

My Rating: 4.5/5


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