Review: The Wide Awake Princess by E.D Baker

The Wide Awake Princess

by E.D Baker

It is a little known fact that when Sleeping Beauty pricks her finger and sends herself and the whole castle to sleep for one hundred years, only her younger sister, Annie, is left awake, Annie is resistant to ALL magic. Now it’s up to her to save sister – and prove the storybooks wrong!

Annie begins a perilous journey to find the prince and free the castle…and perhaps discover true love of her own.

Fantastically funny and full of luurve, this story will cast its spell (whether you are magic-resistant or not).

This is a fairy tale book with a twist! It follows Sleeping Beauty’s (Princess Gwendolyn) sister Princess Annabelle’s (Annie’s) journey across the kingdom Treecrest, where she is looking for eligible Prince’s to come back to the castle to kiss Gwendolyn, so that she and the castle can wake before 100 years have passed. It is a book full of humour, adventure and twists, where you meet many fairy tale folk that are not quite who you thought they were.

I loved this book, it doesn’t have strong themes, but is still packed with enough ommph to please any young tween reader, and may even interest boys if you can convince them that the book isn’t all about Princesses!

Favourite Quote: ‘Every time she discovered something that Gwendolyn couldn’t do, Annie tried to learn how to do it’. Page 35.





Published by: Bloomsbury Books

Recommended Retail Price $15.99

Recommended Age: 7-12

My Rating: 4.5/5


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