Review: Family Baggage by Monica McInerney

Family Baggage

by Monica McInerney

Harriet Turner knows all about journeys. After all, she’s arranged hundreds of them for the travel agency her family runs in the Australian coastal town of Merryn Bay. But when her work colleague and foster sister Lara disappears on the eve of a big overseas trip, Harriet finds herself in uncharted territory.

Left alone in England with a coachload of eccentric tourists on a themed tour of locations from the Willoughby TV detective series, Harriet has her hands full. But as the bus trundles through the picturesque Cornwall countryside, the tour becomes another kind of journey for her. She finds herself facing big questions about her family and her childhood; about her feelings for the guest of honour on the tour, star of Willoughby, Patrick Shawcross – and the biggest puzzle of all: what has happened to Lara?

I am a big fan of Monica’s work, she captures the essence of family life very well, and develops her characters to a great level. This book explores the complications behind accepting an 8 year old girl into your family after she tragically loses her parents, and how this has a domino effect on everyone, from the girl to her new siblings, new parents and the surrounding community. 

She also touches on how little things can build up in our lives and become big things if we don’t try to keep them in check. I love the way Monica explores how all families have hidden issues, even if on the surface they appear to have everything under control.

I read this book over 1 weekend and was quite sad to say goodbye to the characters.

Published by: Penguin Books

Recommended Retail Price $24.99

Recommended Age:16+

My Rating: 4/5


2 Responses to Review: Family Baggage by Monica McInerney

  1. Marg says:

    I like Monica McInerney’s books. Have a couple left unread on the shelf but not sure when I will get to them!

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