Review: Avery McShane by Greg Lyons

Avery McShane

by Greg Lyons

Hi! My name is Avery McShane. I live smack dab in the middle of nowhere in Venezuela. My best friends are Billy, Todd and my dog, Mati.

Our adventures started when the bad guy Pablo Malo caught us trespassing and shot Todd in the butt with his shotgun full of rocksalt…from then on everything got a mite out of control! Things got blown up, folks got kidnapped and there was a heckuva lot more gunplay – just like in my favourite western movies.

Looking back, it was a pretty cool adventure, so that’s why I’ve told the story. I really hope you like it! 

From the advertising blurb: ‘Avery McShane and his friends Billy and Todd are the Machacas gang. They have their own tree house in the jungle, away from girls, parents and other noisy adults. Each week they set themselves a dare, and the latest dare is to grab some ripe bananas from scary Pablo Malo’s banana plantation. When Pablo Malo catches the Machacas and sets his terrifying guard dogs after them, the friends have got themselves into a thrilling and explosive adventure. Why is Pablo Malo so keen to keep them off his farm?

Avery McShane is a boys-own adventure in the vein of Indiana Jones and Percy Jackson. It is packed with action and adventure as the main character tears through the jungle to solve a diamond-studded mystery.’

This is a book that I’m a bit torn on, I gave it to a friend to read who has a 14 year old boy to get her perspective, and we both felt that the writing is aimed for the 10-12’ish year old boy’s, but that the content is aimed more for the 14-16 year old’s. It is set around an oil camp along the river Orinoco of Venezula, where the boys are allowed to run free. They come across dead bodies, and actually see someone’s head get blown off with a shotgun. There is action aplenty that will appeal to the older boys, but I feel that the graphic nature of the story is a bit too mature for the younger boys.

This would be a book that I would recommend vetting prior to getting your child to read it, some may love the action and be unconcerned at the violence, while others may not cope as well.

Published by: Bloomsbury Books

Recommended Retail Price $39.99

Recommended Age: possibly 12+

My Rating: 2.5/5


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