Review: Julie and Julia by Julie Powell

Julie and Julia

by Julie Powell

My year of cooking dangerously.

Trapped in a boring job and living in a tiny apartment in New York, Julie Powell regularly finds herself weeping on the way home from work. Then one night, through her mascara-smudged eyes, Julie notices that the few items she’s grabbed from the Korean grocery store are the very ingredients for Potage Parmentier, as described in Julia Childs’ legendary cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. And The Project is born.

Julie begins to cook every one of the 524 recipes in the book, in the space of just one year. This is Julie’s story, as gradually, from oeufs en cocotte to bifstek; from ‘Bitch Rice’ to preparing live lobsters, she realises that this deranged project is changing her life. The richness of the thousands of sauces she slaves over is beginning to spread into her life, and she begins to find the joie de vivre that has been missing for too many years.

I picked this book up and put it on my To Be Read Pile due to all the hype that the movie caused a few years ago now. I have finally managed to find the time to read it and I must say that I was quite disappointed. Although it was almost amusing in parts I certainly wasn’t enthralled by it, I found her ‘voice’ to be screechy and whiney and I thought that the entire book was more a work of fiction than anything else. I would have really enjoyed reading extracts from her original blog to see why her story became so successful, though I have since tried goggling them it appears that they are too old (they were originally posted in 2002).

Unfortunately I am now not in a hurry to read her second book, or to watch the movie…

Published by: Penguin Books

Recommended Retail Price $24.99

Recommended Age: possibly 15+

My Rating: 2.5/5


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