Review: Little Nelly’s Big Book (of knowledge) by Pippa Goodhart

Little Nelly’s Big Book (of knowledge)

by Pippa Goodhart

Illustrated by Andy Rowland

Big ears, a skinny tail and grey…according to Little Nelly’s Big Book, she must be a mouse!

So off she sets in search of her family, who try to put the story straight in the nicest possible way…

Join Little Nelly in a delightful tale of mixed-up identities. 

In Nelly’s quest for knowledge, she discovers (with a little bit of research) that she is a mouse, she finds out where her mouse family are living and joins them. Even though they are nice to her she feels that something is not quite right, so they all set out on a quest to find her real family.

This is a very cute and funny story that will have children of all ages amused, and wanting to help Nelly find out where she belongs. It is interactive enough that even young toddlers will be able to join in..

Published by: Bloomsbury Books

Recommended Retail Price $14.99

Recommended Age: 0+

My Rating: 4/5


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