Review: Merv Hughes’ 104 Cricket Legends

Merv Cricket Legends

Merv Hughes’

104 Greatest Cricket Legends

Stories, mostly true, about the game’s greats.

Understanding cricket and cricketers has been a lifelong quest for Merv Hughes.

* How much can a roommate take before events deteriorate into shaving cream at ten paces?

* How seriously should senior players take their responsibility to train young twelfth men?

* What makes a good captain?

Now, for the first time, Merv brings us a combination of yarns about his favourite players as well as his observations on the game.

In Merv Hughes’ 104 Cricket Legends, he shares his thoughts on the importance of training effectively, learning by watching how the best approach their preparation and the qualities that make a player a champion. And he takes us through the 104 legends (teammates, opponents and heroes) who all had an influence on the cricketer Merv became.

I really enjoy Merv Hughes, and very much respect him as a cricketer/sportsman. Merv has been an integral part of Australian Cricket for many years and in this book where he talks in depth about 104 of his chosen cricket legend, he is serious, funny and observational. He has given a great insight into many of the games big names, in a respectful and team player way.

I really enjoyed reading his perspective of some of the big names.

Published by: Allen and Unwin

Recommended Retail Price $29.99

Recommended Age: possibly 16+

My Rating: 3/5 will appeal to any cricket/sports fan


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