Review: It Started With a Kiss by Lisa Heidke

kiss heidke

It Started With a Kiss

by Lisa Heidke

After the pain of her marriage breakup, Friday Jones makes some major blunders – from a misguided affair to online dating disasters. But can heartbreak actually be the best thing that ever happened to her?

Friday Jones is distraught when Liam, her husband of nearly twenty years and the father of their teenage daughters, tells her their marriage is over. Still heartbroken many months later, Friday is deeply flattered when a funny, handsome man takes an interest in her. From their very first kiss, Friday finds it difficult to control her attraction for him despite numerous warning signals. When Friday’s best friend, Rosie, discovers Friday is risking further emotional pain she convinces her to end the relationship and join a dating website. But not long after Friday dives into the world of online romance she takes a couple of wrong turns. Could one of her flings have become a little too obsessed with her? And has the time come to step back and take a good look at where she’s going in life?

Funny, poignant and inspiring, It Started with a Kiss is a story about love, desire and how sometimes heartbreak can lead to a much happier life.

I have been a huge fan of Lisa’s since I read her earlier work, I found Lisa’s earlier novels humerous, light and entertaining, while touching on the dilemmas and issues that a 40 something woman would be going through in her life. I enjoyed reading It Started With a Kiss and felt that Lisa is trying her hand at delving a bit deeper into the complex issues facing a woman coming out the other side of marriage and raising children. The story is Friday’s, however her husband Liam also has his say and his take on their life is very interesting and offers a new perspective.

The story follows the family’s life for about 6-8 months, from when they are seemingly happy, throughout the hard times and back again to when they are emerging from the complications encompassing a breakup. I found Friday to be self absorbed and focused only on herself, however she never could see this characteristic in herself. Everything she did she did for her own reasons, from helping her friend’s new business adventure to meeting new men after her marriage breakup.

As much as I enjoyed the book, I felt that the characters could have benefited from some more depth and growth. Across the book, even with everything that Friday was going through I felt that she never developed as a person. Whilst this could be intentional due to her complete self absorbtion as a person, I felt that after everything Friday went through she would have changed for the better by the end of the book.

My favourite character was Rosie, she was gutsy, fun and made the most of any opportunity presented to her.

Published by: Allen and Unwin January 2015, with thanks to Allen and Unwin for supplying this copy to review.

Recommended Retail Price $29.99

Recommended Age: women 18+

My Rating: 3.5/5


One Response to Review: It Started With a Kiss by Lisa Heidke

  1. Thanks for this really honest review. I’ll look out for the book in stores soon I guess!

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