Review: Mother and Daughters by Kylie Ladd

mothers daughters ladd

Mothers and Daughters

by Kylie Ladd

Four mothers. Four teenage daughters.

An isolated tropical paradise with no internet or mobile phone reception.

What could possibly go wrong?

There’s tension, bitchiness, bullying, sex, drunken confessions, bad behaviour and breakdowns – and wait till you see what the teenagers get up to…

How can we let our daughters go to forge lives of their own when what we most want to do is hold them close and never let them go? How do we let them grow and keep them protected from the dark things in the world at the same time? And how can mothers and daughters navigate the troubled, stormy waters of adolescence without hurting themselves and each other? A clear-eyed, insightful and wildly entertaining look into the complicated, emotional world of mothers and daughters by the acclaimed author of Into My Arms, Last Summer and After the Fall.

This book follows a week in the lives of four mothers, Fiona, Morag, Caro and Amira along with their daughters, Bronte, Macy, Janey and Tess. Three mothers and their daughters travel from Melbourne to Broome to spend time with their friend, Amira who relocated there to teach. The weeks holiday brings many issues to the front of the tight knit group and forces them to look at their own personalilities, parenting skills and priorities.

The book covers many subjects, from the complexities of different relationships (marital, parental, friendship, working), holidaying with different personalilites, the difficulties in letting children grow and have their own independence, to name a few. The author manages to cover these topics with skill and expertise, as with her other books she deftly introduces different layers and elements to the story and the characters. I felt that in the weeks holiday, all of the characters grew and developed and my favourite person was Bronte. At the start of the book she was portrayed as being meek and easily taken advantage of. But by the end of the story she had developed into a confident and mature young lady.

Favourite Quote: ‘You knew you were getting middle aged when you found yourself wondering where the time had gone. But where had it gone?’ page 11

Published by Allen and Unwin August 2014, with thanks to Allen and Unwin for supplying this copy to review.

Recommended Retail Price $29.99

Recommended Age: women 18+

My Rating: 4.5/5


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